7 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Your Creativity in 2020

January 09, 2020

It’s that time of the year again when we all declare our New Year’s Resolutions in an effort to better ourselves! Among all of the standard New Year plans to hit the gym or recycle, we thought it would be useful to feed some creativity into our New Year Resolutions, after all, this year we have the added pressure of a new decade ahead of us, so our resolutions need to work for us.

Our team at Paulin has combined all of our resolutions and shared them with each other… here’s our list! If you’re a photographer, painter, designer or a crafter -  this list is for you!

  1. Attend more galleries / conferences or craft markets - see more art to get inspired and expand your network!

  1. Keep a sketchbook / idea book. Sometimes it helps if you get up early and start on your creative task before anything else. We find that our minds are far less focussed if we’ve spent our mornings catching up on emails, so in 2020 we’re designing in the morning!  

  1. Bake or cook something different every weekend and spend more time in the garden. Cooking and gardening can both be quite creative, but are very different from the creative tasks you might do at work, which makes them quite relaxing things to do in your spare time! If you don’t have a garden, get a window box!

  1. Do one thing that scares you, knowing you’ll get rejected! Whether it’s asking for a burger refill or a free bus ride, it helps you to become immune to the feeling of rejection, ultimately training your body to eliminate a pain that could be holding you back from goals you want to accomplish. Find a new way to get rejected every day.  

  1. Finish a small project. You may have large ideas, but if you’re starting your year with a giant project on your plate you may get discouraged quickly. Instead of getting stuck in the woods with an endless project that lasts all the way until next New Year’s, start out with a smaller task, and make sure you finish it. 

  1. Join a Facebook group for people in your industry. This digital version of networking can be exceptionally useful - whether you need advice, feedback or help on your creative project or you’re simply searching for inspiration, it’s a great way to get involved and share with the community. Digital networking can also help you form meaningful connections with other people in your industry. 

  1. Even if your skills are more digitally-based, try to make more. Draw / take pictures / sew -  it helps with your confidence if you know you can actually do it. Try one different medium every week (acrylic, charcoal, pen & ink, etc). Make physical, tangible things - it’s great to spend some time offline where you focus on this one thing only. It is so easy to get bogged down with the computers, and while scrolling through Instagram can be inspiring, it can also give you some serious envy of other people’s projects and careers. Instead, focus on what you can do.

Download Paulin's 2020 New Year's Resolutions by clicking the image below:

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