How to stay creative (and sane) during lockdown.

So you’ve stocked up on your tinned beans and toilet paper, your pantry is full of pasta, rice and loaves of bread. Museums, restaurants and shops are closed. As of today we are all in lockdown staying at home for the next three weeks. Worry not. We’ve put together a list of seven creative ways you can stay creative during this coronavirus outbreak.


  1. Write a daily journal (or poem a day)

Ok so this one is more of a daily thing, but if you’ve always wanted to start a daily journal, and create a routine- now’s the time. Even one sentence a day, to summarise your time spent in quarantine, would help you stay sane and maybe in a couple of years time you'll be able to look back fondly on your day to day musings.

2. Bake

Stocked up on flour? Us too! Try baking, now’s the time finally learn the home-made cookie recipe or morning cinnamon rolls ... mmm

3. Make Candles

Now when ‘nights in’ are every night you might want to order online and stock up on some atmospheric candles to relax…. Or! For more rewarding downtime if you have nice candle jars you can order wax and essential oils online and make your own candles. 

4. Paint

Whether it is touching up your walls or getting that old canvas out and letting your creative juices flow - take some paint and brushes and add some colour to your day! 

5. Cook something you’ve never cooked before

Stocked up on random tins, pasta and jars of sauces? Come up with some new creative ways to cook dinner... there's so many great recipes online and now’s the time to get creative in the kitchen! 

 6. Finish the projects you always've wanted to do 

Have you got this one project that you never had time to do? If it’s cleaning out your cupboards, sorting out mail or paperwork, or even organising your new home office (don’t we all have them now?).


  1. Draw - try lineart!

Get pencil and paper and start sketching. Remember the colouring books for adults that help you relax? Well, step it up and draw your own linework, maybe better ones will make it onto your living room wall? You’ll be a lineart pro before you know it! :) 


Stay safe everyone,


Paulin team