Milanese Mesh Straps Now Available

For those who wish to broaden and diversify their strap collection, or those who have dreamt of an option which offers more resistance to the elements, we have introduced stainless steel straps to our range. They are easy to maintain and offer versatility to match a busy lifestyle. Completely vegan, these straps are elegant, bold, and suitable for day to day activities.

The stainless steel interlocking chain, otherwise known as Milanese mesh, is a sturdy and easy to wear addition to our inventory. The tightly connected links mean that the strap sits flush against your wrist and articulates with your every movement. 

Although our range still focuses primarily on the use of leather and suede, these materials tend to age with use. We still enjoy using them and sometimes even like the comfort of a well worn strap, but we felt it was time to offer an alternative which thrives on daily use and does not tarnish unless exposed to extreme levels of stress. Stainless steel is the perfect choice for this as it doesn’t rust! Rain or shine you can depend on this new range of straps.

Along with silver, the two other options available are rose gold and gunmetal to match some of our popular cases.

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