A guide to our straps

You might not know this about us, but we take a lot of pride in the straps accompanying our watches. We believe your strap should have just as much care and attention paid to it as your watch, with each strap option offering something unique.

As your strap ages the leather will naturally soften and change colour over time, as it develops its unique and characterful patina, when exposed to the elements and everyday life. This is completely normal and should be embraced as part of the life cycle of a good quality leather.


British Bridle leather

British bridle leather has been our staple watch strap for years now. Sourced from Clayton's Tannery in Chesterfield, England, this bridle leather is a hard wearing, quality leather. Constructed with one piece of waxed, full-grain leather and two vertical stitches to ensure durability the bridle leather is a modern accompaniment to any watch.  


Our suede straps are sourced from a small manufacturer in Germany who supply many luxury brands in Switzerland And Glashütte. The suede is a beautifully soft and supple leather and is our only certified hypo-allergenic leather. The suede is a great option for a more casual look and feel.


Shell Cordovan 

Shell Cordovan is an equine leather renowned for its strength and durability. Its non porous surface creates a smooth lustrous appearance, whilst its unusual density means it will outlast other leathers, often improving with age. Our cordovan straps are stitched all the way around the edge giving it a more classic appearance. Ours comes from Italy and is constructed and impeccably finished in Germany. 

Italian leather

Our Italian leather straps are made using a combination of traditional processes and new technologies in the family owned Tempesti Tannery in Florence. Soft and comfortable yet hard wearing, these straps come in a range of vibrant colours achieved with vegetable tanning, which is environmentally friendly and gentler on the skin. Due to the nature of vegetable tanning the strap won't stay as vibrant as it once was, this is completely normal and to be expected. 

Milanese Mesh bracelets

As an alternative to leather straps we introduced a range of Milanese mesh stainless steel straps last year. The look and feel of the watch is instantly changes when accompanied by a mesh strap, it feels a little more dressed up. These straps are also more durable and suited to an active lifestyle as they are less affected by moisture and the elements. Available in stainless steel, and in gunmetal and rose gold which are achieved with a PVD coating in 12 and 18mm sizes.