Best virtual tours for when you’re stuck at home

Even though it may not seem too difficult at first, being stuck at home may get on everyone’s nerves at some point. Have you already watched dozens of Facebook live videos of people doing their daily workouts, or playing Wonderwall on the banjo from their homes? Yes, us too… 

Are you itching to get out and see things and people? We might have found just the thing for you! Move over, Houseparty app  (yes, you should check it out if you want to spend some time with your friends and have fun) and let’s check out some art from around the world. 

We downloaded Google's Arts and Culture app. Here are some of our favourite features for you to check out! Enjoy :)


Ok this one is probably the first thing that pops into your head when you hear 'virtual tour' and 'art and culture app', so here's our top 3 museums you should definitely check out. 

1 – The British Museum , London (visit)

2 – Guggenheim Museum, New York (visit)

3 – MASP, Sao Paulo (visit)



We visited three opera houses , in which you can step into stalls and onto the stage of the world’s greatest opera houses:

1 – The Sydney Opera House (visit)

2 – Teatro Massimo, Palermo (visit)

3 – Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City (visit)

Palacio de Bellas Artes


4 things to do with your camera phone from home:

1 – Art Projector


Using the camera on your smartphone you can now project life-size artwork in front of you. Make sure to have plenty of space behind you so you can see some of the larger artworks in full, and make sure you walk all the way up to it, where you can spot the brush strokes and study every detail in super high resolution.

2 – Art Selfie


This one was most fun. In this feature you can take a selfie and the app will match your facial features with thousands of portraits on the app.

3 – Pocket Gallery
In this feature you can explore an art gallery of the size of… yes, your pocket - all of Johannes Vermeer's paintings in one place. Brace yourself for some funny looks from your flatmates or family whilst you explore each gallery!

4 – Color Palette
In this feature you can take a picture of your living room (well anything at all really!) and the app will analyse the colours in your picture and match it with stunning artwork on the app.

Color Palette


Street View: Go travel! 

Explore corners of the world with these top street view picks from us! From Taj Mahal to Alcatraz Island. 

1 – Tour Taj Mahal, (visit)

2 – Pyramid of Giza,  (visit)

3 – Colosseum, (visit)

4 – Alcatraz Island (visit)

The Colosseum



Take a short walk outside Artist’s studios around the world, here are our favourite ones, make sure you make a list of your favourite ones, and once we can all go out and travel again maybe you can go and see these sites in person!  

1 – Frida Kahlo’s studio and home, Mexico City (visit)

2 – Salvador Dali’s extended fisherman’s hut, Girona, Spain (visit

Frida Kahlo’s studio


For those who aren’t scared of heights, these are breathtaking views you can enjoy online. Our top three were:

1 – Qutub Monar, Delhi, (visit)

2 – Grand Palais, Paris, (visit)

3 – Christ Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro (visit)

Qutub Monar

We hope you will enjoy the virtual tours, stay home and stay safe,
Paulin team