Deconstructing horology with Jake Hemingway

Seeking to highlight the beauty of deconstructed horological elements, Jake Hemingway translates hand drawn sketches onto luxurious textiles, capturing the process of watch design, construction and maintenance. This small collection of silk twill scarves with hand-rolled hems celebrates horological history, process and design by reconciling these elements into harmonious new forms, whilst simultaneously elevating their intrinsic beauty.

Why did you put yourself forward for the open call?

My friend Callum Russell (an Edinburgh-based artist whose work is also being shown in the exhibition) saw the open call sign in the shop window and told me about it - given how much I love watches and how they inform my work, it was a perfect fit to submit my designs. I’ve always been a fan of independent watchmakers, and I loved the idea that Paulin was opening their space to showcase creativity from all fields - I am absolutely delighted to be a part of it!

Tell me about this particular piece.

This collection of designs is inspired by Patek Philippe’s Nautilus model, a Gerald Genta-designed watch, which is instantly recognisable by its porthole-shaped bezel. I studied watchmaking a few years ago, and began sketching watch movements as a way of better understanding them (and remembering how to put them back together!), so these pieces evolved as an exploration of the watch beyond its iconic case shape, to highlight some of the nuance behind its movement and overall design.  

Is this the kind of work you usually do?

Very much so - my process typically involves exploring particular horological elements by sketching and reworking them through pattern design. There’s such a rich beauty and design language in both traditional and modern watchmaking, and I love looking at the ways this can be captured, deconstructed and expressed. While I suspect the designs might speak more to watch lovers that might recognise certain shapes and models, I’d also hope they can serve to highlight the implicit beauty of horology.  

How do you connect to Paulin as a member of the Scottish creative community?

I think this is an amazing initiative to bring creative arts closer together through a community-based exhibition, and highlight some of the areas in which art and commerce are intertwined. I was also excited to see the collaboration between Paulin and anOrdain - two strong, independent Scottish companies fusing design and craft. 

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