The Geo typeface design process

As one of the team at Paulin specialises in type design, we decided to create our own bespoke numerals for use on our new watches, which we then developed into a complete typeface.  



When designing the numbers we had to consider the range in sizes they need to function at, and the balance they had to strike between being decorative and legible. We decided to use this range in scale as the basis for the design - when viewed close up the gaps have an aesthetic function, but when they are scaled down or viewed from further away, the eye automatically fills in the gaps.


The letterforms are made up of straight lines, 45 degree angles and perfect circles, with the sharp points and geometric forms referencing the Art Deco aesthetic of our logo. Art Deco was a reaction against post-war austerity, celebrating luxury and decoration, and this ethos also resonated with us, as we wanted our new models to be a move away from the over-saturated minimalist watch trend. The Commuter Numerical introduces decorative elements whilst maintaining a legible and elegant style suitable for everyday wear.


From The Art Deco Poster (Thames & Hudson) 

Art Deco typeface inspiration


Variations of the typeface design


The numbers were debuted earlier this month on the Commuter Numerical, and will appear on two new models which will be released in August, a classic style of watch with a small 28mm case, and our first mechanical, the Commuter Automatic.





View the full Commuter Numerical range here and see the final typeface here.