Designing the Neo case

When we were designing the Neo case we wanted to make it versatile, eye catching and unique. Here are few of the ways we went about achieving this.

What makes the Neo case different? 

One of the more interesting aspects of the design of this watch is the Hesalite box-section crystal, tooled especially for this model. It allows for a deceptively thin case, giving the feel and illusion of a much slimmer watch. The Hesalite also guarantees that the front of the watch will never shatter and when scratches do appear, they can simply be polished out.  


Profile of the Neo showcasing the duel finished case and Hesalite box-crystal


For the rest of the case, stainless steel 316L was chosen - a material commonly used in the watch industry due to its superior durability, the case is stepped with a dual finish, both brushed and polished.  This again adds to the illusion of a slimmer watch by playing with how the light bounces off the case. 


CAD render of the case design 

What did you take into consideration when designing the case?  

We wanted to reduce the number of necessary parts required and simplify the process where possible. Removing the bezel and internal threads has left us with a simplified case to machine. We also made a point of drilling the lugs out which should improve the ease of strap replacement and prevent scratching to the underside of the lugs and case back.



The idea behind the case shape was for it to quite literally hug the wearer’s wrist. By bringing the crown up away from the wrist, we allowed the inclusion of an almost flat case back. With the case pressed close to the wearer’s wrist and the lugs curved downward slightly, the watch should fit most wearers very comfortably indeed.


CAD render of the case design 

We’ve included the option of a closed or an exhibition case back with this watch so  you can either choose to see the Seiko NH35A movement at work or you can leave space for engraving if you desire. 


Exhibition case back showcasing the Seiko NH35A mechanical movement 


To see our new watch case in action find the Neo watch here.