Golden Hour with Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown’s mixed media work, Golden Hour, incorporates the process of building up textures and layers, creating an added depth to the piece. The gold leaf used naturally reflects the light and emulates the feelings and sentiments of “golden hour.”


Rachel took some time to speak to us about her piece, in which she incorporated techniques learnt during her lockdown. 


Why did you put yourself forward for the open call?

I love the ethos of Paulin: the family vibe and strong female leadership with the three sisters who set up and run the company. I am one of three sisters too, so it definitely resonates with me. 

My niece, who lives in Stockbridge, told me about the open call having spotted the notice in the window of Paulin. I think the exhibition is a wonderful idea, particularly in the current climate as it has been difficult for artists to show and sell their work during the pandemic. I know Stockbridge well, having lived there for a number of years, and I love its quirky and village-like atmosphere with lots of independent shops.


Tell me about this particular piece.

Golden Hour is all about peace and tranquility. It draws the viewer in and provides a time for reflection, much needed and so important during this turbulent year we’re experiencing with Covid.

Golden Hour incorporates the building up of textures and layers which creates an added depth to the piece. The gold leaf catches and reflects the light, emulating the feelings and sentiments of a ‘golden hour’. I felt the piece enabled me to show off the process of how it was created, fitting in well with the theme of the exhibition.

Is this the kind of work you usually do?

I have always been creative and over the years, I have turned my hand to many different creative endeavours. Like Paulin, who have expanded into accessories and homewares, I have branched out in recent years and I see my style evolving and changing. This is reflected in my work and recently I have worked in resin, alcohol inks, acrylics and mixed media.



Like many creatives, I like to try out new techniques and try to regularly take courses for my professional development. During the lockdown in the summer, I took an online art course which encouraged me to investigate and develop working with textures and layers. Golden Hour is the result!


How do you connect to Paulin as a member of the Scottish creative community?

I love that Paulin is such an active member of the Scottish creative community, for example with the Art on the Subway project in Glasgow and now, of course, the Stockbridge exhibition. 

In this creative community we are all there to help each other. By helping to showcase artists and creatives, Paulin are raising others up, showcasing local artists like myself. I feel as if I’m being introduced to those that follow and appreciate Paulin’s design and creativity and in return, I hope I can introduce others to the beautifully designed watches and accessories.



Swing by our store if you are in the Edinburgh area to see Golden Hour for yourself!

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