Growth by Hatti Voar

Hatti Voar digitally layers individual aspects of an image on top of one another to create a full and cohesive likeness, a similar process to that of printmaking. The subject matter is representative of opportunity, and of the continued growth and metamorphosis of life and nature.


Why did you put yourself forward for this open call?

I’m always looking for opportunities to get involved with local creative events if my work is appropriate for them. As a full-time practitioner, I find it so important to take any opportunity to put my work forward, but perhaps more important is connecting with fellow creatives and excellent local businesses!


Tell me about this particular piece.

This piece, to me, tries to address the feeling of what opportunity may lie at your own fingertips; that life and nature is continuing to grow, shift and move forwards, and all within balance. Life itself is a never-ending process of waxing and waning, moving forward, gripping the future, letting go of the past and all it entails. Nature requires this very life cycle to thrive.  

From my printmaking background, I find drawing digitally has a similar process of layering individual aspects of an image to create a full cohesive piece.

Is this the kind of work you usually do?  

I tend to work both digitally and traditionally. Sometimes a piece would work better in a digital format, particularly if I want to create prints or patterns from it or if it just feels like it would work better digitally. Sometimes, I think something would work better in more traditional mediums, so it just depends. I also like to combine the two! In terms of subject matter, a lot of my work is based around the natural world, and botanicals. I like to combine natural and geometric shapes in my work too - it creates a balance and interesting dichotomy.  

How do you connect to Paulin as a member of the Scottish creative community?  

I think the work Paulin does is brilliant - I love that you work in collaboration with local makers on different levels too! The fact that you have opened up your Stockbridge space as a more curatorial or gallery space for local creatives is a real testament to that! Furthermore, the way Paulin looks to high quality and local sources as much as possible for their own products is really interesting, the newest watch release being a perfect example of that.

To see Growth in action, swing by our store in Edinburgh to have a look for yourself!