How we make our wall clocks

After the exceptional response to our first wall clock release we went away and spent twelve months prioritising the work on its follow up. We’ve come up with something truly special for this offering, a product that out performs its predecessor on all fronts.

Durability and individuality were massively important features for us and for that reason we have commissioned each component based on these attributes.

Cork moulded in Averio, Portugal

The clock body is made in Portugal from reconstituted cork, a fully recycled, porous material which offers an impressive resistance to moisture. Cork is also not affected by fluctuating temperatures and so no need to worry about where in your home it is placed. We injection moulded this piece to offer a smooth, curved profile.

Face screen printed in Berkshire, England

For the clock face we have used screen printing on a durable di-bond aluminium base. Screen printing itself can be applied to a vast range of materials. As shown on our Instagram feed, we screen print our own carrier bags in-house, we like the flexibility and character that this process offers.

Hands stamped in Emilia Romagna, Italy

The hands are formed using a method of aluminium stamping which was customised especially for us by our manufacturers in Italy. Each hand is then coated in-house based on the customers colour preferences. We implore our customers to play around with the colour combinations on our clock webpage (there are 80 to choose from!). We also have a feature where you can drop in a photograph of your own living space to see how each clock colour combination would fit into your home.

Movement made in Japan and Thailand

The movement powering our clock is a well renowned Seiko SKP Sweeping Second movement which has been rated highly against its peers for its reliability. We recommend that you use a high power zinc battery with this as that’s what it is designed to work best with.

Back plate engraved in Sheffield, England

When you turn the clock around to adjust the time or replace the battery, you can spot that we haven’t spared any expense on the hidden details either! Our aluminium back plate has been laser cut and engraved in Sheffield to our specification. The etched details showcase where each component has been produced (almost all within Europe may we add) and if you look closely you'll spot a subtle nod to our home town of Glasgow. Beside the adjusment cut out sits a freehand sketch of the Duke of Wellington (with accompanying cone). Head over to our Glasgow guide to read more about this iconic statue.

Assembled in Glasgow, Scotland

Although these parts are all made by reputable suppliers, we still see it as a priority to inspect each component individually before it can be considered as part of one of our wall clocks. As with our watches, we assemble the wall clocks in-house at our Glasgow workshop/studio. From tightening screws to press fitting the hands, each part of the process is undertaken with care, by hand.

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