Collaborating with KFRBS

We love a good collaboration here at Paulin and our newest one is doubly exciting. Not only are we once again utilising our Stockbridge shop as an exhibition space featuring the original work of emerging talent Katie Forbes but we're also launching a brand new Paulin product- our very first umbrella- in collaboration with Katie too! 

We were first introduced to Katie's work in 2020 when her illustrations started popping up around Glasgow and we wanted to know more. Her work is bold, graphic, colourful and is often concerned with humour and subversive depictions of the "mundane" subject matters and everyday activity based on her life experiences.



Originally studying Architecture and graduating in 2019, it was only during the pandemic that she started making her first love - art and drawing – work for her.

 “My style is my style…I have just taken it as it comes. I’m very open-minded so things can just fall into place.”


Work in situ in our Stockbridge shop
Work in situ in our Stockbridge shop


When we commissioned a hand painted mural on our window at our Stockbridge shop we knew that it was going to be the start of an exciting creative relationship and we are so excited that the exhibition on display in Stockbridge titled It’s Still Life, features a collection of original paintings and ink drawings made during the last year. 


Work in situ in our Stockbridge shop


The exhibition will run till the 8th of September so if you are in Edinburgh be sure to pop by to the space to see her work in person and you might even be the first to pick up one of our new umbrellas!