Life through a lens

Photographer Siobhan Lock popped into our studio recently to take some photos. Her image, Suspension of Time, went on to win the Young Manufacturing Product category of the EEF Photography Competition 2018. We caught up with her this month, and chatted about her award win, the great outdoors and her plans for the future.


Hi Siobhan, tell us a little bit about your background...

Hi! I’m Siobhan, I'm 19 and I’m based in South Wales. I’m currently studying psychology at Cardiff University. I’ve been taking photos for a while now, although my preference has shifted between photo and video work throughout the years. My work is mostly photography at the moment.

How did you come across Paulin Watches and what made you want to pop in and take some photos?

For the Made in Britain competition I knew I wanted to focus on a product that was intricate and very aesthetically pleasing. I started searching for products that fit that description and stumbled upon Paulin watches. Your line of products that were showcased online definitely fit with my vision of what I wanted to work with.

"Suspension of Time" © Siobhan Lock

Your photo “Suspension of Time” won the “Young Manufacturing Product” category at the “EEF Photography Competition 2018.” What was it like winning the award? Will you be entering any more in the future?

I was very surprised to win the award due to the high calibre of work that was evident in the shortlist. Equally, I’m very honoured that the judges thought my work was good enough to win and I’m very happy that I was able to work with and help highlight such a great brand.  I am moving up into the amateur category this year, so the competition will be even greater, but I plan to give it a go.

There is lots of beautiful outdoor photography on your website and Instragram feed. How do you find the places you photograph?

As I’m in South Wales, I have fairly easy access to a number of beautiful locations such as the Glamorgan Heritage Coast, Brecon Beacons and Pembrokeshire National Park. In addition, I come up to Scotland, which I absolutely adore, to visit my family fairly regularly. In terms of finding places to photograph, lots of places that I walk and run have some really stunning scenery so I like to make a mental note of those; Google Earth/Maps and Instagram are also good tools for finding some inspiration!

© Siobhan Lock

What equipment do you find most useful (aside from your camera) when heading out to take photos? Is there anything you’d recommend us picking up?

I rarely go without a warm hat, especially when doing astrophotography. I also tend to bring my puffer jacket in the winter and my walking boots (using Anatom boots at the moment which I’m finding very comfy). Basically anything that I’d take for a long-ish walk, as they tend to coincide.

Do you have any projects coming up that you’re excited about?

My major focus is currently doing well in my degree, however there are quite a few concerts coming up which I should be shooting and which I’m quite excited for. I’m also looking to work with more people during the summer period so I’m preparing for that too. Thank you so much again for letting me stop by to take photos, truly very much appreciated.

Not a problem - thanks for visiting and congratulations on your award. You're welcome back any time!