Morven Mulgrew’s Posset Pot

This oversized posset pot created by Morven Mulgrew was moulded with very wet clay and minimal technical tools, with any refinement minimised in order to fully embody the process of making into the pot. The ancient medical pot signifies the process of healing through the act of making and is single fired with a homemade glaze.


Why did you put yourself forward for the open call?

I wanted to make another Posset Pot, as I have been playing with the form, and so when I saw the open call I thought it was a nice opportunity to make another one for display, and be more experimental than I perhaps could with a client’s defined brief.


Tell me about this particular piece.

It’s a hand-built stoneware posset pot, which is a pot that holds a medicinal ‘posset’ and has a built-in straw, allowing you to drink from the bottom. I have glazed it in a shiny white tin glaze and a chromium yellow glaze which I have nicknamed ‘sludge’. It was formed around an old glaze bucket, so it references the workshop in its form. I was interested in making a healing medicine pot for this bad year! It also has sterling silver earrings, mostly because I like putting earrings on pots and I like the idea of giving the work some materialistic value in case it needs to be pawned by the owner later on when times get tough!



Is this the kind of work you usually do?

I love handbuilding and so yes, I hope this is reflective of my practice in general.




Swing by our Edinburgh store in Stockbridge to see Morven Mulgrew’s Posset Pot in action. 

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