Our Great Western Road concept store opens its doors

In May we opened our new store, which serves as a shop, studio, and leather workshop. It was important to us for our new store that we were able to support other young Scottish companies - we’re proud to stock four fantastic design brands in Paulin HQ - Trakke bags, Soizig Carey jewellery, Risotto studio prints and stationary, and Karen Mabon silk scarves. 





The process of designing the interior for the shop was challenging and exciting in itself. We created a bespoke design for our windows, which we commissioned local signwriter E.B. Scott to paint, as well as our signboards. 



When we took off the previous owners signboards we discovered some beautiful hand-painted signage from (we think) the 1900s. There was much discussion about what should be done with it, not only within the Paulin team, but within the local community. In the end we went ahead with our original design and covered it up, though it's in one piece underneath, to be revealed by the shops next inhabitant.