Paulin and anOrdain

Ten years since launching Paulin, we’re embarking on a new chapter – we’re now part of fellow Scottish watchmaker, anOrdain. As part of this change, we’ve undertaken a visual rebrand and are making some big changes to the way we work.



We’ve always been a predominantly bricks-and-mortar watch brand, a definite anomaly in a sector mainly existing online. So, when Covid made retail untenable, and the founders left to spend more time with their young families, it posed a challenge. Becoming part of anOrdain made a lot of sense, and a year after we started working together, the future of Paulin has never looked so exciting.



Behind the scenes of Paulin is a new core team: anOrdain's type designer and founding member, Imogen Ayres, has taken on an additional role as our Creative Director. We’ve also introduced two new members, Nic and Katie, who will run the company on a day-to-day basis, with watchmaking, development and production being shared with anOrdain. We’re also starting to train Amy, who we hope will be the first of many new watchmakers here in Glasgow.




For the past year, this dedicated team has been working behind the scenes to rebrand Paulin; a new logo, website, packaging, and a new watch – the Modul. Building on the ideas and aesthetics developed for the Neo, the Modul also represents a new direction for the brand, moving us towards a more local and lean production model. The new partnership allows us to embrace the visual style of Paulin, yet with the craftsmanship and quality anOrdain can offer. 

Alongside the obvious visual changes, an important feature of our new website is the addition of a ‘Learn’ section which details our production and design processes, and environmental goals. We believe transparency around production is important, because we think our customers have a right to know who makes your possessions and how far they’ve travelled, and because we believe accountability is an essential step in establishing higher industry standards.

We’d love to hear from you – if you have any questions, comments or feedback please get in touch via our Instagram @paulin_watches, or send us an email at